I study theory and applications of Computing Sciences. I graduated from KUET in 2010. Then I worked for Samsung as (Sr.) Software Engineer until I enrolled in Stony Brook University for a Master's degree in Fall 2013.

I am currently open to employment opportunities and you might want to have a look at my résumé.

I post weblogs on inside the insight. Some of my presentations are shared on SlideShare. I often practice writing Bengali literature and put them on Sadhubôchôn and Sulol Songroho. I am also involved with Bengali literary community Lekhalikhi. I love to play with colors, draw pictures and make graphic artworks; you can browse them on my artsportfolio. I use a Bengali keyboard lay-out named Sonnivo which happened to be designed by me.

I have been involved with several projects. Some of their sources are in GitHub. I have explored wide range of development stacks including systems, applications, data and web technologies. I am fond of C++, but I use several other languages extensively. I dream of building a knowledge system that can learn and reason. My other interests include intelligent systems, logic, linguistics, and epistemology.

Keep in touch with me on @nafSadh and keep exploring.