I am Khan Muhammad Nafee Mostafa Sadh a.k.a nafSadh.

I graduated in Computer Science and Engineering from KUET. Then I worked as a Senior Software Engineer for Samsung at its Bangladesh R&D facility. Now, I am pursuing MS in Computer Science at Stony Brook University. Besides, I write blog on computing and other subjects, draw graphic images, make icons and logos. I like to design and develop mobile, desktop and web apps.

I am a programmer and I speak C/C++, C#, PHP, Java, XML, SQL, and OWL. I weave in HTML, CSS and jQuery. I also know shell scripts, some dialects of assembly, Prolog, LINQ, SPARQL, RDF... I want to have some Perl and Ruby with me and become a parselmouth with Python. I advocate semantic web as the next great stage of the web.

I like to draw pictures both by using paint-brushes and computer-mice. Sometimes I write poetry, do photography, travel around and of course watch movies. I am fond of listening music (from hip hop rap to classic). I read books ranging from classic literature, fantasy, sci-fi to nonsense.

I am a Bangladeshi Muslim and grew up in Tangail. My schools were Town Primary School and Bindubasini Govt. Boys’ High School; I passed my best days there. Later I attended B N M Rifles Public School and College for Higher Secondary education. Afterwards, I went for pursuing an engineering degree in Computer Science at KUET; there, I lived in Fazlul Haque Hall and lead a great university life. There, I served in many representative roles and got involved in attending and organizing events.

I like to cheer-up my life and enjoy my work; I always try to see smile on people’s faces and I laugh a lot. I enjoy company of people but sometimes I get into solitude. I have my own beliefs and views but I respect others’ too and like to have debate and discussion on opinions.

nafSadh.com is my endeavor to share my works and words...