by nafSadh

I have been involved with several projects . Some of their sources are in Github . I have explored wide range of development stacks including systems, applications, data and web technologies. I am fond of C++, but I use other languages too. I dream of building a knowledge system that can learn and reason. My other interests include intelligent systems, logic, linguistics, and epistemology.

DecisionLender Loan Origination Solution Teledata Communications, Inc. (2015~) visit Job resp at TCI tune into music tours nafSadh (2014~) github new project
scire Sadh's C++ Impromptu Routines Ensemble nafSadh (2014~) github sourceforge
RS2-fx RDF by Structured Reference to Semantics with Ratul & Sourav (2009~2010) view
Lipighor enabling expressions Lipighor (2014~) visit
Sonnivo Bengali keyboard layout nafSadh (2010) github visit
Lekhalikhi Bengali literary platform Lipighor (2014~) visit
SoC Verification Platform SoC Verification Platform for FPGA and Post Silicon Samsung (2012~2013) Research project at SRBD
SoC Verifin & D/D devel Camera SoC Verification Device drivers development Samsung (2011) R&D Project at SRBD
DSP S/W development μC/OS-II, BSP, DVB-S, Image codec, Web-P Samsung (2010~2011) R&D Project at SRBD
Phone development phone binaries & smartphone app devel Samsung (2010) Development Project at SRBD
Traffic Window Traffic jam detection system with Ratul (2008) project at KUET
Intelligent Home smart home technology with Ratul, Srijon & Rizel (2007) project at KUET
WaqtScope Muslim prayer times calculator nafSadh (2011) github visit
NLParse generic parser for natural languages with Ratul & Sourav (2010) github
LikhonPad Transliteration tool (2007~2008) github
Bytex Windows hex-(file)-reader (2007) github
Kakatuya a text narrator tool for Windows Sfaar (2008) getit github sourceforge