I'm a software engineer with over a decade of experience, during which I have developed a variety of systems and infrastructures with a focus on backend development. My interests also include linguistics, epistemology, logic, natural language understanding, large language models, and AI/ML. I'm now working on Gemini API at Labs.Google.

I enjoy reading books, indulging in my love for tea, going on hikes, biking and writing. I co-founded, an online Bengali literary publishing platform that aimed to nurture amateur writers and contribute to the growth of Bengali literature. Although the platform is now defunct, I still have an interest in literature and writing. Read my blog, notes, Bengali literary works and answers.

I grew up in Bangladesh, have lived in New York and now reside in the SF Bay Area. I have studied Computer Science at Stony Brook and KUET. I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities to apply my skills and knowledge in applications of computer science including in the field of large language models and generative AI.

work and projects

Currently, I am working at Google on a team that explores the possibilities of large language models and generative AI. Before this, I worked on Android App Safety, where I co-led multiple cross-org collaborations to build and maintain the infrastructure behind Android's trust and safety ecosystem. I also built Google Nest's backend ML platform that powers Home/Away Presence Sensing, Geofence and Home Routines.

Before Google, I built TCI's Loan Origination SaaS and in my first job at Samsung, I worked on custom system software, DSP, and SoC.

I am also involved in a number of open source projects, including, a repository of flags for vexillophiles, and Sonnivo, a Bengali keyboard.

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Augmented Insights
Articles sharing my thoughts on AI based on my ongoing works in the area; often copyedited with generative AI.

inside the insight
My webposts. This includes thoughts on computer science stuff, quick solution to random software development problems, code samples and other scribbles.

Notes by nafSadh
Notes scribed in markdown as living documents; hosted on GitHub.

সুলল সংগ্রহ /Sulol Songroho/
Poetry, in Bengali.

সাধুবচন /Sadhubôchôn/
Prose, personal thoughts, opinion pieces and satirical articles in classical Bengali writing style, Shadhu-bhasha.

See also: Medium stories, Quora answers and Wikipedia contributions.

paintings, graphic arts and photos

I like to paint and play with colors and pixels. Some of my works are shared on Behance, DeviantArt, and AI aided work on I have also created a number of maps and released them on Wikimedia Commons.

Additionally, my photographs can be found on Flickr and 500px.