nafSadh (Khan ‘Sadh’ Mostafa)


I study theory and applications of computing sciences and work as a software engineer for Google. I also write, make graphic arts, take photos and build things.


Born and raised in Bangladesh, trained in computer science at KUET and Stony Brook, I work as a software engineer for Google and live with my lovely wife Sampreeti in Mountain View.

I have explored wide range of development stacks including systems, applications, data and web technologies. I dream of building a knowledge system that can learn and reason. My other interests include intelligent systems, logic, linguistics, and epistemology.

In the past I have built cool stuff at TCI and Samsung. Besides, I am involved with several other projects. Some of their sources are on GitHub.

I post weblogs on inside the insight. I share my Bengali writings on Sadhubôchôn and Sulol Songroho. I am also involved as editor and publisher at Bengali literary community Lekhalikhi. I love to play with colors, draw pictures and make graphic artworks; you can browse them on my arts portfolio. I use a Bengali keyboard lay-out named Sonnivo which happened to be designed by me.



inside the insight

My webposts. This includes thoughts on computer science stuff, quick solution to random software development problems, code samples and other scribbles.

Also on Medium.


সুলল সংগ্রহ /Sulol Songroho/

My Bengali literary works.


সাধুবচন /Sadhubôchôn/

Prose, personal thoughts, opinion pieces and satirical articles in classical Bengali writing style, Shadhu-bhasha.


Notes by nafSadh

Notes scribed in markdown as living documents; hosted on GitHub.


লেখালিখি /lekhalikhi/

Lekhalikhi is a Bengali literary community. I am part of its editorial board and publisher. I am also an author on it.


Medium stories
Wikipedia contributions
Quora answers

art + painting

Creative Commons and Public Domain releases on Wikimedia Commons



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