nafSadh's bio


I am Sadh. Okay, my full given name is Khan Muhammad Nafee Mostafa Sadh – pretty long, huh? May be, and yes, because of it, I end up being called by different names: Khan, Sadh or even Nafee. I prefer to be addressed as Sadh or Khan.

In a nice dawn on October 10, I screamed for the first time and the world said me welcome with a beaming soft sunlight amidst the quiet of the nice town of Tangail. Soon I became the source of smile for my mom Nasrin A. and dad G. Mostafa Khan. I started to play a lot, draw pictures, watch cartoons, read stories and soon at the age of 3 years found myself accompanied by a sweet little sister Shuchi.

I got my first schooling at “Town Government Primary School, Tangail”; in those days, I used to rush on the streets all over my neighborhood riding my favorite bicycle and played cricket. As days passed, I started going to “BinduBasini Govt. Boys’ High School”, which has earned fame across the state by teaching students from 1880 A.D. I feel proud of this school and met the most amazing group of friends there.

In the year of 2003, I appeared in my first public examination from BinduBasini and completed secondary school education. Afterwards, I moved to Dhaka and went to B N M Rifles Public School and College. There, I met few nice fellows; I also met friends from other colleges of the city and eventually completed my higher secondary education in 2005.

In the following year, I decided to pursue an engineering degree majoring in Computer Science and went to Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET). At KUET I studied several aspects of computing technology and completed several successful student projects. I worked on ‘intelligent home’ with Ratul, Srijon and Rizel under supervision of Prof. MMA Hashem and developed the INTELOME (showcased in BASIS SofExpo 2008). Later, with Ratul we worked on ‘automated traffic jam recognition using image processing’. This project was named ‘Traffic Window’ and been supervised by Rushdi Shams. Next, I along with Parvej, Ratul and Sourav formed the PSSR Web Engineers group and worked on a project codenamed ‘SeaLand’. This project targeted at developing a community web service that benefit both professional and personal aspects of life. My undergraduate thesis was on Semantic Web co-authored with Ratul and Sourav and supervised by Rushdi Shams. We suggested a framework called RS2 (stands for ‘RDF by Structured Reference to Semantics’) that will process the web documents and produce machine readable format in RDF collaborated with the OWL (Web Ontology Language). It will help in fulfilling the dream to introduce next generation web, Web 3.0 of the Giant Global Graph. I enjoyed problem solving with the aid of computer programming. I was lucky to attend an ACM ICPC Dhaka Regional Contest event in 2007 and secured the 11th place.

I really had four wonderful years at KUET, most colorful and certainly most memorable four years of my life. I resided in Fazlul Haque Hall and passed a lot of time hanging out with my friends. They included a lot of wonderful people from whom I learned a lot, about life and world. I also have been active in several important roles around the campus. I have served as general secretary of Fazlul Haque Hall’s Hall Committee and the Class Representative of KUET CSE 2k5. I was the General Secretary of IEEE Student Branch at KUET.

After graduating from KUET in 2010, I came back to Dhaka. Right then, Samsung was forming its R&D hub at Dhaka and I joined with them. It was a new and different experience, with a small group of different people. But, soon, the company started to grow and it managed to hire about six hundred engineers in following three years. Indeed more than just a few of my friends from KUET also joined there. A corporate workplace might not be always perceived as a fun place; but many amazing people worked there and yes, we had good times beside the work chores. In three years I made friends, and most luckily met my wonderful fiancé, Sampreeti.

I had my undergraduate degrees, and I was thinking about having a Master’s degree. So, I applied for some programs in 2013 and enrolled in MS in Computer Science program at Stony Brook University, NY. In Fall last year, I flew to America and started to live in Long Island. The town I lived in is really beautiful one and the school is a true cosmopolitan hub of education.

In winter or 2014-15, I married my then fiancé, Sampreeti, with whom I live in the village of Mineola. Besides trying to be a husband and watching YouTube, I also work as a Software Engineer for a software company in Islandia, NY.

Thanks for reading this long text. You might like to read a memoir that I wrote a few years back.